Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We specialise in custom sheet metal fabrication; and we have a comprehensive line of sheet metal processing machineries for the following industries:


Appliance – strainers, microwave screens, washer drums 

Architectural – stairs, ceilings, walls, floors, shades 

Audio Equipment – speaker grills

Automotive – filters, speakers, radiator grills,

Building – plates for floors and stairs, decorative panels, ventilation grills 

Chemical – centrifuge, drying baskets,

Electrical – cable trays, bus bars, panel boards

Food Processing – trays pans, strainers

Furniture – benches, chairs, shelves

HVAC – enclosures, grills, diffusers, and ventilation

Lighting – fixtures, public lamp posts

Medical – trays, pans, cabinets, racks

Mining and Collieries – screens

Quarries and Brick Making – trays, rotary and vibrating screens

Railways – floors, carriages, running boards, ventilation grills, acoustic panels,

luggage racks

Retail – display and shelving 

Water works – filters, flanges

Our sheet metal working machineries include :

CNC Laser cutting, CNC metal bending, Metal rolling, CNC Laser welding, CNC metal punching

In addition we have a host of support metal working machineries that may be needed to turn your ideas into products.

CNC vertical and horizontal milling, lathe, EDM, wire cutting, grinding, cylindrical grinding, etc. All our metal fabrication processes are supported by a team of capable programmers and machinists. Our mission is to work together with you for the successful fabrication of your sheet metal design ideas.

Fred’s sheet metal fabrication services is a division operating under FAS Development Corporation which started in the optical disc industry in 1993 in the Philippines. Our sheet metal fabrication division started its operations in 2018 in our facility in Valenzuela City.

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