Stickers & Labels

We print Stickers.

We are a fully-integrated printing company that caters to the food, personal care, manufacturing industry, and among others. 


1. Fast Turnaround Time. We have our in-house prepress and plate-making system. Also, we have our automated 100% inspection system to help us detect print rejects. In addition, our technical and admin staff are well-trained ensuring the jobs are executed seamlessly. Combining everything, this would make our leadtime shorter.  

2. Sharp & Clear Print Quality.    

3. Consistent Reprints.   We know brand owners are concerned about print consistency, especially when their products are displayed on shelves.  That is why we painstakingly developed our own technical capabilities, with the help from our reliable partner suppliers.  Thus, making Consistent Reprints as one of our strong selling point.

4. Safe & Environmentally-friendly. Our ink is UV-curable inks.  Unlike solvent-based inks, UV ink is free from VOC (or volatile organic compounds), which is considered toxic and dangerous.  


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Samples Projects: