BAPU Tunnel Film

Our UV Stabilized – BAPU Tunnel Film comes in clear white. It protects your plants and crops from the effect of UV rays. Our film has a long lasting protection and tensile strength durability.

BAPU Tunnel Film also comes in different sizes and thickness.

Standard Sizes:

          (Width x Length x Thickness)

  • 2.5m X 100m X 75µ (3mil)
  • 2.7m X 200m X 100µ (4mil)
  • 2.5m X 200m X 100µ (4mil)
  • 2.75m X 200m X 55µ (2mil)
  • 2.79m X 150m X 127µ (5mil)
  • 3m X 100m X 150µ (6mil)
  • 3m X 100m X 200µ (8mil)
  • 3m X 250m X 75µ (3mil)
  • 4.27m X 170m X 150µ (6mil)
  • 4.27m X220m X 150µ (6mil)