BAPU Plastic Mulch Film

Our UV Stabilized – BAPU Mulch Films comes in Black/White.  The white side reflects sunlight resulting to a lower soil temperature. The black side limits incoming sunlight to the soil – this will limit the weed growth which may compete with the crops for soil nutrients.

BAPU Black/White Mulch Films comes in 3 sizes:  

(Width x Length x Thickness) 

  • 750mm x 400m x 0.03 mm
  • 1200mm x 400m x 0.03 mm
  • 1500mm x 400m x 0.03 mm

Improving product quality in the agricultural sector is one of our thrusts in the company.  Along with the plastic mulch film or agricultural film, we also provide polyethylene or PE pipes. Unlike PVC pipe, PE pipe is more flexible and is manufactured in one continuous piece of pipe that can be cut to length.