Company Profile

FAS Development Corporation was established in May 1993 as the country’s pioneer in the disc replication industry. We have since diversified into the packaging industry under 3 different divisions. Our company is known for being at the forefront of technology and for our strong emphasis and dedication to quality-starting from the manufacturing equipment, raw materials, employees, production systems and finally to the goods and services we provide to our customers.


F.A.S. Development Corporation aims to be the leading provider of rigid and flexible packaging solutions in the Philippines. By pioneering the latest technologies in injection moulding, film extrusion, printing and laminating equipment, we endeavor to provide high quality packaging products that are functional, cost effective, and reliable.


We at F.A.S. Development Corporation do not simply manufacture products. We forge long term relationships with our suppliers, employees and customers. Our integrity and dedication to excellence have driven us to introduce innovative products that our customers have come to anticipate.

What we offer:

We offer commercial sticker printing for your labelling needs. Our services span various businesses to include food packaging, personal care as well as industrial applications. Make sure your products stand out with our high-quality prints and stickers.

Our brand, Profilm PE Stretch Film is used by a variety of industries, from packaging, shipping and freight forwarders, and manufacturing companies. For the food industry, FAS Food Wrap provides cling wrap solutions that are certified food grade and BPA-free.

CPACK pouches offer a neat and economical way of packaging various items such as candies, sweets, grains, powder, electronics, undergarments, etc.

Sister Companies

Cofta Mouldings Corporation

One of the most respected plastic manufacturing companies. They have earned a reputation for having exceptional expertise in injection molding of various plastic products such as chairs, tables, boxes and pallets, sheet extrusion of plastic roofing systems, blown film extrusion and thermoforming.

Junni Industries Incorporated

A polyethylene pipe extrusion company that has the distinction of being able to manufacture the largest sized pipe capacity in the country (1600mm diameter).

Fred's Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We specialise in custom sheet metal fabrication; and we have a comprehensive line of sheet metal processing machineries for the following industries: Appliances,Architectural, Audio Equipment, Automotive, Building and Furniture.